Age: [40]
First and Third Relief

b. abt 1817 in KY
m. 1844 in MO to Mary Jane Lemon (b. 17 Jan 1824 in MO)
d. 13 Nov 1849 Georgetown, CA

Overland emigrant of 1846; with Reason Tucker, a leader of the First Relief. When Tommy and Patty Reed gave out and had to be taken back to the Breen cabin, Glover made a solemn vow to their mother, on his word as a Mason, that he would go back and get them. She trusted him and consented to let the children go. Glover served 43 days in the Donner relief at $3.00 per day.
In 1849 Glover went to gold fields and died there of pneumonia; according to tradition, his health had been weakened by his exertions during the Donner rescue. Glover left three sons, two of whom died young. The youngest, James, was born six weeks after his father’s death. Mary Jane Lemon Glover, Aquilla’s widow, married David E. Gish in 1852 and had eleven more children, including a son named Aquilla after her deceased first husband. Many years later Mrs. Gish provided information for Riley Moutrey’s petition to Congress for compensation.


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