Donner Party Endures

Why the world remains fascinated with the topic 175 years later Worldwide pandemic, Ukraine, landmark Supreme Court rulings. Yet, as I write this, #CashAppFriday is the number one trending topic…


Foreshadowing Fate

The initial days of the 1st Relief journey after leaving Johnson Ranch on February 4th, 1847, were foreshadowing what lay ahead: hypothermia, near drowning, exhaustion, mutiny and despair. They encountered a…

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Forlorn Hope Expedition, climbing, 12-18-20, photo by Keith Sutter.

Day 4: Peaks and Valleys

Day 1 was “Hope”, Day 2 “Forlorn”, Day 3 “Despair” and Day 4... Day 4: PEAKS AND VALLEYS  We traveled 21 miles in one day, it took Forlorn Hope 7 days…