Age: [17-20]
Second Relief

       Son of famed mountain man Caleb Greenwood and his wife Batchicka, a Crow Indian woman. “Brit” Greenwood gave conflicting information about his age to census takers and voting registrars over the years, but evidently he was born between 1827 and 1830 somewhere in the Missouri River watershed.
       Like other rescuers, Brit survived the terrible blizzard that halted the Second Relief at Starved Camp, but his feet were permanently injured by frostbite. Afterwards Brit settled on the California coast in Mendocino County with other members of his family; they gave their name to the town of Greenwood, Greenwood Cove, and Greenwood State Beach. Even though the name of the town (pop 250) was officially changed to Elk back in 1887, some of the locals still insist on calling it Greenwood, in defiance of bureaucracy.
       More information about Brit, including two photos, can be found in Old Greenwood: The Story of Caleb Greenwood, Trapper, Pathfinder, and Early Pioneer (Georgetown, CA: Talisman, 1965), by CharlesKelly and Dale L. Morgan.


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