Donner Party Q&A

Donner Party Q&A: who lived, who died and who is to blameHow many people were in the Donner Party and how many died?That arithmetic depends on time and geography. Of…


Fake News

Fake news’ stalks the Donner Party; myths formed over 175 yearsWildly inaccurate and sensationalized reports of the Donner Party tragedy appeared in a California newspaper in 1847, even as the…


Donner Party Endures

Why the world remains fascinated with the topic 175 years later Worldwide pandemic, Ukraine, landmark Supreme Court rulings. Yet, as I write this, #CashAppFriday is the number one trending topic…

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Forlorn Hope Expedition, the remote North Fork of the American river canyon, 12-19-20, photo by Bob Crowley.

Day 3: Despair

We traveled 26 miles in one day, it took Forlorn Hope 8 days to reach the same place. Over the next 8 days, five members of Forlorn Hope would perish.…