Why the world remains fascinated with the topic 175 years later

Worldwide pandemic, Ukraine, landmark Supreme Court rulings. Yet, as I write this, #CashAppFriday is the number one trending topic on Twitter.

Humans are social creatures. We thrive on togetherness; relationships determine our behavior. We inherently have the need to belong. We’ve become more isolated and lonelier during the pandemic. Pop culture has, more than ever, become the tribal circle at which we sit, a vehicle to belong, remain engaged, erecting social lives upon entertainment rather than relationships.

Millions and Billions of “hits” come immediately back when current trending topics are searched, be they famous people, news, sports, music, etc. Some are considered pop culture, like the current trending “CashAppFriday” but some mega-hits are topics that endure over the test of time. It is rare that a historical topic ever makes – and stays – upon the top hit list. But there is one…

Donner Party.

Check out where “Donner Party” ranks on today’s search surrounded by some of the top ranked searches for 2021 and now. Wow.

We’d like to hear your thoughts as to why. Let’s hear it.