Age: 22

b. 18 Aug 1824 Monroe Co., IN
m. 16 May 1847 to Mary Ann Graves
d. May 1848 in Santa Clara Co., CA

       Overland emigrant of 1846. Like his father, Edward Jr. was hired to carry supplies to meet the First Relief. He was helping to escort the survivors out of the foothills when he proposed to Virginia Reed. Edward Jr. is listed as serving 27 days and earning $40.50.
       In May 1847 Edward married Mary Graves of the Donner Party; a year later he disappeared. His body was not discovered until the spring of 1849. He had been dragged behind a horse, and, when that failed to kill him, had his throat cut. The murder made a lasting impression on the inhabitants of Santa Clara County and many different versions of the story were recorded long after the event. See Donner Party Bulletin No.12 for a contemporary (and more accurate) newspaper account.


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