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To honor the Forlorn Hope

NOW AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING!: CA State Parks & Sierra State Parks Foundation Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

The Forlorn Hope Expedition presented a new "Talkumentary" about the Forlorn Hope and Forlorn Hope Expedition at the Donner Memorial State Park, hosted by California State Parks and the Sierra State Parks Foundation.

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100 miles from Donner Lake to Johnson’s Ranch across the winter wilderness of the Sierra. More information about the Expedition here


Geek out on the Forlorn Hope with a day-by-day interactive timeline describing the weather, location, important landmarks, key occurrences,direct quotes from multiple resources and more. Watch this brief  video to learn how to navigate, then head over to our timeline here: Forlorn Hope Timeline

Bob Crowley

Extreme distance mountain runner

Tim Twietmeyer

World-class ultrarunner

Jennifer Hemmen

Wilderness and adventure team leader

Elke Reimer

Veteran ultrarunner, backpacker

Donner Party Q&A

Donner Party Q&A: who lived, who died and who is to blame How many people were in the Donner Party and how many died? That

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Fake News

Fake news’ stalks the Donner Party; myths formed over 175 years Wildly inaccurate and sensationalized reports of the Donner Party tragedy appeared in a California

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Donner Party Endures

Why the world remains fascinated with the topic 175 years later Worldwide pandemic, Ukraine, landmark Supreme Court rulings. Yet, as I write this, #CashAppFriday is

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How Did We Get Here?

Life would be simple if we knew precisely how it would all play out. Yes, and boring. Thankfully, our journey roaming around the 3rd rock

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Mutiny and Morality

After establishing a forward base camp at Mule Springs, about 50 miles west from the cabins at the Lake and 50 miles east of Johnson

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Foreshadowing Fate

The initial days of the 1st Relief journey after leaving Johnson Ranch on February 4th, 1847, were foreshadowing what lay ahead: hypothermia, near drowning, exhaustion,

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