Grosh Brothers Articles

Listed below are a variety of articles about the Grosh Brothers, gathered from newspapers, magazines, periodicals, books and radio interviews.

#1 resource for Grosh Brothers

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25 Years Ago – The Discoveries of Silver in Nevada, R.M. Bucke hand written and typed draft

25 Years Ago by Richard Bucke – The Overland Monthly Vol. I June 1883 Pgs 553-560

A Tramp Over The Mountains – pages 553-560

Auburn Journal, Volume 6, Number 3, 16 October 1889

Auburn Journal, Volume 6, Number 5, October 30 1889, Page 3

Before the Comstock, 1857-58: Memoirs of William Hickman Dolman, New Mexico Historical Review, Vol. 22, No. 3, July 1947, Austin Hutcheson

Big Trees – Placer County Historical Society by May Perry June 1967

Bucke- Sketch By James Coyne 1906

Discovery of Silver on the Comstock and the Groshes Bros. – June 1946

Discovery of The Comstock, The London Advertiser, 12.16.1897, Image 419 – Canadiana

Discovery of the Comstock, The London Advertiser, Dec 16, 1897

Description of trail Escarpment to Last Chance

Dr. R.M. Bucke & Family Fonds – Western Libraries Pgs 4,8,9,29-30,31,32,48

Early Mining Discoveries in Nevada by Sam Davis 1913

Grosh Brothers Article – Sacramento Daily Union, Vol 25, No. 3861, August 6 1863

Grosh Brothers Article – Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 25, Number 3861, 6 August 1863

Grosh Brothers Story – Hal Hall

Grosh Brothers’ letters a Mother Lode of Gold Rush Life

High Drama at Last Chance

Hills of the Coyote by Gene Marley

Historical Note – Richard M. Bucke 1837-1902 Pg. 3

History of Squaw Valley by Jane Fieldler 1977

History of State of Nevada pgs 51-54, 498

History of Yuba County 1879

Last Chance – Sierra Heritage pg 33-34

Last Chance- The River of El Dorado

Looking Backward 100 Years Ago December 1957

Mtn Democrat 8-15-97

Mtn. Demoncrat – Jan 2, 1858 – EA Grosh Death at Last Chance

Overland Monthly – 25 Years Ago June 1883

Placer County Emigrant Road, Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 11, Number 1709, September 17, 1856

Placer County Historical Society – Grosh Brothers Story

San Francisco Call, Vol. 75, No. 157, May 6 1894, FROM EARLY DAYS – How Francis Hoover Found & Lost Wealth

Sierra Rescue But A Secret Dies

The Ghost of Last Chance by Gene Markley 1980

The Grave Claimed This Mining Secret – Auburn Sentinel Sep 1992

The Great Bonanza Road to Washoe – The Saga of Lake Tahoe by Edward Scott 1957

The Grosch Brothers, the Alleged Discoverers of Silver on the Pacific Slope – Sacramento Daily Union 8.6.1863

The Placer Herald – Dec 26, 1857 – EA Grosh Death at Last Chance

Wendell Robie Radio InterviewAbout Grosh Brothers Story – Part 1

Wendell Robie Radio InterviewAbout Grosh Brothers Story – Part 2

Chronicling America – The Mountain Democrat, September 5, 1863, image 3

1863 Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 25, Number 3884, 2 September 1863

1858 Death of Ethan Allen Grosh Letter from A.B. Grosh to Christian Ambassador Newsletter, Auburn NY Sat 20 Feb 1858

Web-links on internet to additional Grosh Brother resources

Nevada Historical Society Quarterly – articles mentioning “Grosh”

Gold Hill, 1962, Grosh Brothers, Storey County, NV

Legends of America, Early Mining Discoveries in NV, Sam P. Hill, 1913

Rocks & Minerals, Vol. 40, 1965 – Issue 7, The Comstock Lode, John S. Albanese

Lancaster History, Eureka!, June 2021, Marianne Heckles

Nevada Magazine, Nevada Part II- From Strikes to Statehood, Nov-Dec 2013, Ron Soodalter

Digital History – The Comstock Lode and Mining Frontier, 2021, Historic Comstock Era Grosh Letters To Be Discussed Thursday at Nevada State Museum, 2012

Social Studies for Kids- The Comstock Lode

Las Vegas Review Journal, Brothers Letters Relate Mining Hopes, Sorrows, June 2008

Nevada History, First Discovery of Silver

The Gold Rush Letters, R. James & R. Stewart – ebook

Pioneer Photographers of the Far West, 1840-1865, Palmquist, Kalbourn, Sandweiss, 2000 – search on “Grosh”

Full Text of A.B. Grosh The Odd Fellows Manual, 1852

Find A Grave – Ethan Allen Grosh

Nevada Historical Society Acquires Comstock Lode Letters, 2008

Mining History Association, How Nevada Began: Early Prospectors on the Comstock, 2007, Sally Zanjani

John Mackay, Prince of Miners, Intermountain Histories, Rachel Hendrickson

Western Mining History, The Gold Canon Placer Mining Colony

Cowboy Showcase, The Comstock Lode, March 2014, Lee Raine

Letter Prefect, RN&N,April 2018, Dennis Myers

Bonanza Denied by Pickax and Jackass – Wonders & Marvels, Caroline Lawrence

First to Discover the Comstock Were the Tragic Grosh Brothers, Reno-nvstjournal, Nov 8, 1953

First Discovers of Comstock Lode Had Difficult Time, Writer Points Out: History of Miners Reviewed, Reno-nvstjournal, August 4, 1935