We are honored to be partnering with several historical societies on this project. Specifically the Donner Summit Historical Society. Bill Oudegeest, Judy and Dave DePuy have been consummate supporters and words cannot begin to express our gratitude.  The Wheatland Historical Society and Bill Holmes have open doors for us we never believed were possible. We ended our Forlorn Hope journey and will be starting our Donner Relief Expedition at the exact spot where the survivors of the Forlorn Hope were rescued at the adobe house on Johnson’s Ranch thanks to Bill.  

We are grateful to Dan Rosen, the creator of the Donnerpartydiary. Dan has created, what we believe, to be the #1 resource for Donner Party history. His thorough research, fact finding verification and neutral sharing of the facts without commentary is unparalleled. Dan is in his second decade of remaining current on all topics related to the Donner Party and we highly recommend his site for further Donner Party research.

Here is a list of several other Societies, State, Federal and local agencies and museums we have utilized and highly recommend. These institutions are primarily funded through donations, many non-profit. And volunteers make up the majority of manpower. They play a critical role in documenting and preserving our heritage and history. Please consider showing them some love.