Age: [36]
Forlorn Hope and First Relief and Auxiliary

       Verrot, a native of France, arrived in California with Fremont in 1844. After William Eddy stumbled into the Ritchie cabin in January 1847, Verrot was one of the men who went to bring the six other survivors of the Forlorn Hope to Johnson’s Ranch. He had recently acquired a land grant along the Bear River nearby Johnson Ranch with another French Canadian trapper, Pierre Sicard and they built a small log cabin. Verrot accompanied the Third Relief as far as Mule Springs, taking supplies to the base camp there and returning with the horses. Although he is not named in other documents, it seems that Verrot was also a member of the Second Relief, as he is listed as a purchaser some of Jacob Donner’s goods at Alder Creek on March 2. He, too, is mentioned as visiting Sutter’s Fort numerous times in 1847 and 1848.


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