Relief Party Members

There were four “official” relief parties for the Donner Party. However, somer historians count a total of seven (7) by adding Charles Stanton, Forlorn Hope and Reed & McCutchen’s failed attempt. Stanton and Bill McCutchen went out ahead of the Donner Party to seek resupplies from Sutter’s Fort. Stanton arrived back in late October (McCutchen was I’ll and did not make the return journey) accompanied by Miwok Native guides Luis and Salvador. Seven members of Forlorn Hope were the first to alert the world (January 18, 1847) the Donner Party was trapped in the snow at Truckee Lake. This spurred on four subsequent relief parties with 1st Relief beginning on February 4th, 1847. 

Below are “tribute cards” which will be carried by the Expedition team. Each evening members of the team will discuss the day’s events and reflect upon how the Forlorn Hope members must have felt during their trip. These photos and accompanying facts about each one of the party will remind Expedition team members of the courage these brave pioneers exhibited, and the selfless love they showed towards their family members and fellow man.