Quick Facts

  1. Expedition date: Monday February 14th, 2022 from Johnson Ranch, CA, arriving Friday February 18th, 2022 Donner Memorial State Park, Donner Lake, CA
  2. Distance: ~100 miles [Following recently discovered 1st Relief Party route]
  3. How long will it take: ~ 5 days, 4 nights 
  4. End point: Donner Memorial State Park, Donner Lake, CA
  5. Live tracking: Yes. Tracking link here
  6. Our Facebook page (follow link to join) will have daily posts and photos from the Expedition
  7. Events open to public: 1) Thu Feb 17th 5-6:30p Donner Ski Ranch – Interview of Four Historical Relief Party members (re-enactment) and Expedition Team [FREE] and 2) Fri Feb 18th noon-4pm Donner Memorial State Park – Arrival of Expedition Team at Donner Memorial State Park and post-Expedition panel discussion [Link to all events here]
  8. Purpose: 1) Discover the trail of the 1st Relief Party [never been done before in history], 2) Honor the members of all Donner Relief Parties and 3) Inspire others to combine history with sports
  9. Expedition Team: Bob Crowley, Tim Twietmeyer, Jennifer Hemmen, Elke Reimer. learn more here
  10. Social media: Facebook, Instagram
  11. Relief Party members
  12. Story of Relief Parties
  13. History of the Relief Parties