History Expeditions combines sports with history.

Our mission is to discover American West tales and trails which have been lost to time, and honor inspiring heroes of history.

Human nature is always the same; greed and generosity, virtue and vice, free will and fate, they’re always there. We don’t do homework about subjects already familiar and then tell you what we know. Instead, we share a process of discovery; then you decide.


In 2020, two ultra-distance trail runners and friends, Bob Crowley and Tim Twietmeyer, conceived the idea of bringing two passions together: trail running and history, into an activity they called History Expeditions. Since then, they have organized several Expeditions designed to research and reveal historically significant discoveries (trails, places, artifacts, new facts, etc...). The goal for each Expedition is to discover new findings and honor the historical protagonist's survivalism and heroism. The stories that emerge from the research serve to inspire Tim and Bob, their Expedition teammates, Elke Reimer and Jennifer Hemmen, and hopefully you.

We invite you to delve into each Expedition by following the links below. We will continue to add new adventures to this site